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Challenge accepted: Koehler Group supports Black Forest Innova-tion Hackathon

The 7th Black Forest Hackathon took place in Offenburg on the weekend of October 13 to 15, 2023. 80 participants took up the challenge of developing amazing solutions for so-called "challenges" from regional companies in 48 hours. This year, everything revolved around the topic of "Sustainable Technologies".

The organizer, Black Forest Innovation, has set itself the goal of promoting technological innovation and sustainability in the Black Forest and the southern Upper Rhine region. Due to its regional ties and the fact that it shares Black Forest Innovation's aspirations, the Koehler Group supported the hackathon for the first time and defined two challenges as a sponsor.

Koehler supports innovation as a gold sponsor

As a gold sponsor of the Black Forest Hackathon, the Koehler Group was also able to present two challenges to the teams. These two challenges were about "Shift work in production", which fortunately won in the "Best Sustainable" category, and the topic of "AI for an internal knowledge platform". Together with the Hansgrohe Group, Garant, purnatur, Volksbank Offenburg and Ede-ka Südwest, Koehler was also part of the jury and awarded outstanding achievements in six categories with 1,000 euros each on October 15, 2023: Best Business, Best Tech, Best Vision, Best Sustainable, Best Pitch, Best Concept. Philipp Prechtl, Managing Director of Koehler Innovative Solutions, was there himself with a lot of energy and passion: "It's great to see how committed the various teams were to the challenges and what amazing results were delivered. After the successful event, we are already very excited about the hackathon in 2024." With the new "Koehler Innovative Solutions" division, the Koehler Group is focusing on innovations "from the outside" that are relevant to the core business areas of paper and energy. This includes collaborations with start-ups, for example, but also innovation formats such as hackathons.

Picture: All participants of this year's Black Forest Hackathon 2023 in Offenburg.
Source: Jigal Fichtner

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